The purpose of storytime is to develop early literacy skills and create a love of reading at an early age.  Caregivers are an important part of fostering these skills and are encouraged to actively participate with their child.  Current storytimes are listed below.

All ages are welcome to join us for storytime.

    • Family Storytime on Tuesdays at 5:30 PM - Family storytime includes stories and craft time. For current information about this storytime go to our events page.
    • Movers and Shakers Storytime - Movers and Shakers meets at 10:30 AM on Wednesdays for playtime and stories. You can find more information about this storytime at our events page.

Literacy skills are important to be building all the time!  Below are the Five Practices of Early Literacy from Every Child Ready To Read.  These are the skills we work on during storytime. Caregivers are a child's best teacher. Learn skills at storytime to put into practice at home!

TALK - Talking in a way that encourages children to talk will help them understand what they later read.  Ask open-ended questions and give your child time to respond.  Have conversations.  Talk about what you are doing for simple daily tasks.
SING - Singing slows down language so children can hear the smaller sounds in words and helps them learn new words.
READ - Reading together and interacting with stories helps build important relationships and associate reading as a positive experience.
WRITE - Writing helps children learn language and express themselves.  Learning to write begins with learning fine and gross motor skills. Practice holding markers and crayons.  Write in the air with your finger.
PLAY - Playing helps children develop language, build social skills, and learn new vocabulary in context (in its natural setting).